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Workmen's Compensation - Insurance Fraud Investigations



Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and there are those few who decide to make an easy living by claiming injuries and costing your company hundreds of millions of dollars each year in fraudulent claims.


There are hundreds of companies providing this service and claim that they are the 'best'.  They can hire just about any 'warm' body to sit and watch their subject but what if their motivation is based solely on what they can get away with?   Are these companies billing for services they've actually performed, or are they milking you for time spent when in fact they were never there the time they say they were?


Working in this business you get to know other competitors employees and eventually end up 'hearing' the scams they are involved in such as billing for 8 hours when at times they were never on the job.  Employees covering for other employees (This is not only true but a fact).


Low pay and long hours can burn anyone out and leave them with a disconcerting state of mind about their job.


Are you receiving the information you've hired that company to obtain in a timely manner?   Are you pleased with their work?  Are they dependable and are you getting the results?


So what's the difference between 'THEM' and 'US'?


Commitment and loyalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our Agents are treated with respect and are provided a higher paying wage than most of our competitors because we believe that a respected employee is a loyal one.


Our Master Track¬© Database Interface will give you the peace of mind you have been looking for.  With this system you the client will be able to log in from any laptop/desktop connected to the internet.  Once logged in, you will be able to track the movements and activities of those you've paid so much money to work your cases for.


Our investigators will be able to provide you with basically 'real-time' entries of all of their activities, can provide you with uploaded photo's, video, documents all entries are time and date stamped preventing entries from being altered or fraudulently entered.   This database system also tracks the IP address of their computer so you (as well as our management) will know exactly 'who' entered the information.  This keeps everyone honest and our clients secure in the knowledge that every dime spent is accounted for.   YOU DON'T NEED TO BE SCREWED TWICE! Once by your claimant and then by the company you've hired to disclose their crime of insurance fraud.


If you're an insurance adjuster reading these words and relating to what has been said here, please by all means give us a call today and we will arrange to meet with you and demonstrate our security measures as well as our Master Track© database interface.


They only thing you have to lose is 30 minutes of your time as opposed to thousands of dollars wasted because you've hired a company that may or may not be providing you your monies worth and actually may be billing you for hours that were never worked!.


Call: 734-716-9169 or use our CONTACT form which will allow you to provide us with more information as to your particular need(s).


Thank you and rest assure, Agency Investigations is committed to loyalty, integrity, honesty and to the notion that a person should receive an honest day's pay for an honest day's work.