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Services Offered


Other services include but are not limited to:


  • Expert Surveillance capabilities
  • Criminal Defense
  • Counter Surveillance/Intelligence
  • Live GPS tracking capabilities with report
  • Covert and Undercover Operations
  • Employee monitoring



*If there is a particular service not found here, please use our convenient Request For Services online form to select the type of service that meets your needs. Always feel free to contact us direct at: (734)716-9169




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NRA Certified CPL/CCW Training


NOTE: Agency Investigations is now offering Michigan CPL required NRA Certified training.  All Training is conducted by NRA certified Instructors.   Please remember to check credentials of anyone you may be thinking of qualifying you.  Not all entities claiming to 'certify' you are certified through NRA which is State law.  Violations of this requirement will be grounds for revocation of your CPL License.  You may be carrying your weapon unlawfully and not even know it!   Don't risk getting charged with a 4-year felony and the confiscation of your firearm!


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   Fugitive Apprehension Services