Safe House

              Witness Protective Services





Agency Investigations can provide your witness with a safe haven while your firm handles the legal aspects of their case.


This service is provided to clients who have either become involved in legal matters where they are a witness for the prosecution or even those whose lives have been threatened due to domestic issues.


Our agents are highly trained ex-special forces personnel who are experts in evasion and personal protection in high-risk environments.


Your client can be protected 24/7 for as long as necessary with most of the amenities of home.  Whether 1 day or for several weeks, we can provide the highest level of protection necessary for the safe-keeping of your client.


Transportation to and from the court or other necessary destination is provided by an undercover vehicle specifically fitted and armored against a high degree of ballistic level threats.


This service can be arranged at short notice.


For reasons of security, this service can only be retained upon completion of our "Personal Protective Services" agreement and only by persons whose credentials can be verified legally and upon written documentation attesting to the legal need (I.E. Court documents, Prosecutor's business contact information etc.).


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: No information is ever broadcasted over emails, landlines or cell phones. When requesting this service, simply enter the code: RFSHS in the comments section of your email.   We will then return your call and arrange to meet.  Contacting Agency Investigations is via our 256-bit encryption secure email portal.