Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Do you offer Bail Enforcement/Immigration Bond Enforcement services?
  2. Can anyone hire a Private Investigator?
  3. Is it expensive?
  4. Do you perform domestic investigations - Follow husband/wives / boyfriends/girlfriends?
  5. Do you work child custody cases?
  6. Can you tap someone's phone or get phone records?
  7. Does your firm except late night or weekend calls?
  8. Is Agency Investigations hiring investigators?
  9. Does Agency Investigations offer internships so 'NEW' investigators can work towards their own license?
  10. Do you work with other licensed investigators?
  11. Do you offer intern programs or sub-contract work out to 'free-lance' investigators??
  12. Will you go to court to represent the work performed on the client's behalf?
  13. Has your firm ever investigated a UFO sighting? Witnessed an Elvis sighting or any other unexplained event? Does your company do 'Ghost' hunting?
  14. Is your company obligated to take on my case?

Do you offer Bail Enforcement/Immigration Bond Enforcement Services??

Our Enforcement Division can effectively and expeditiously perform all aspects of both conventional recoveries (skips) as well as Immigration Bond Enforcement services. Call or contact us today to discuss your particular need(s) and we will respond immediately. You can rest assure, if they are out there, we will find them and bring your subject back to justice. We have nearly a 100% arrest rate!

Can anyone hire a Private Investigator?

Yes, but the nature of your specific matter may require us to work on your behalf through your attorney.    If your case warrants having us work on it, it probably also warrants legal representation.   Exceptions to that policy are if you are an insurance adjuster, business owner, lawyer, human resources director, etc.    We also work for other private investigators.
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Is it expensive?

It depends on your needs.  Surveillance requiring one investigator begins at $55.00 per hour with a four hour minimum. We also charge for mileage and/or expenses.  If we don't know you, expect to pay some or all of the fees up-front, in the forge, lodging, travel and case related expenses.  Please understand that any work requested to be performed "same day" or "next day" is considered a RUSH SERVICE, and is billed at a higher rate, and is subject to advance payment in full

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Do you perform domestic investigations - Follow husband/wives / boyfriends/girlfriends?

Absolutely!   A majority of surveillance deals with the unknown actions and movements of a spouse as well as a significant other, girlfriend/boyfriend etc. All are fair game when a Licensed Investigator is performing these services on behalf of a contracted client.
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Do you work child custody cases?

Only through your lawyer, with an estimate of all fees paid up front.
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Can you tap someone's phone or get phone records?

Federal Law prohibits these activities unless brought about through a Court Order.  We are NOT Law Enforcement!  If you have a particular need for this, by all means contact your local prosecutor’s office (Along with your Attorney) to determine if there is a “CRIME” involved for the need to execute such an order

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Does your firm except late night or weekend calls?

Absolutely!   However; A person or other ‘entity’ wishing to discuss their case should attempt to call during normal business hours. Many cases involving surveillance and other matters are done covertly and are being ‘worked’ by agents who have been ‘assigned’ a case in advance. If however a client wishes to engage our services on an “Emergency” notice (I.E. A client believes there will never be a better opportunity to ‘catch’ someone in the act), this would automatically qualify for a “Premium” charge to that client ($125.00 per hour minimum of 4 hours) and does NOT guarantee positive results based on their need and timing.  In order for a case to achieve ‘positive’ results, there needs to be coordination, planning, patience and a feasible strategy developed first. If this isn’t possible, write your check out to “Agency Investigations, LLC” in the amount of $500 for 4 hours, then we’ll talk.

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Is Agency Investigations hiring Investigators ?

Agency Investigations, from time-to-time will solicit for qualified candidates. The interviewing process generally weeds out those not qualified and/or not prepared to perform Private Investigative functions. Attendance at an accredited college or University in a Criminal Justice program can qualify for an “Apprenticeship” program (Proof of attendance is required along with a formal Background Check). We are always seeking individuals with either Law Enforcement (Police (With permission from their department), Retired FBI agents, DEA Agents, US Marshals) or previous investigative experience (Must provide proof and be willing to be subjected to a thorough Background Check, Drug Testing as well as verifiable references).

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Does Agency Investigations offer interships so 'NEW' investigators can work towards their own license ?

Generally speaking, no. By internship this would involve employing an individual on a regular basis over a period of time. We do however bring in personnel who are willing to ‘shadow’ an investigator and provide administrative support in order to ‘learn’ the trade while not interfering with a case. Any case may require the direct testimony of the agent assigned and can be subjected to cross-examination which requires the ability to draw from experiences and general courtroom practices. No person who is ‘shadowing’ for educational purposes could ever be brought into a court of law to provide testimony.

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Do you work with other licensed investigators ?

The operative word here is “Licensed”. An Investigative company is only authorized to perform services within the state for which it is licensed. There may arise a need to call upon the services of another agency in another state should the originating agency have the need to ‘follow’ that case. In fact, Agency Investigations can be hired by any ‘authorized’ agency including but not limited to: 1) Private Investigators 2) Insurance Companies 3) Law Enforcement of any Local, State or Federal investigation for the purposes of assisting in the pursuit of justice as well as testimony and evidence gathering functions.

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Will you go to court to represent the work performed on the client's behalf ?

If requested and or so ordered to do so, this is NOT an option. Testimony and or other ‘evidence’ provided by a Licensed Detective Agency is considered admissible in a court of law due to the very nature of the Licensing Authority that granted its license to. Though a PI is NOT a Law Enforcement representative, they are in fact an extension of the judicial system as it relates to ‘direct’ evidence. That evidence could be either ‘direct’ or ‘indirect’. Direct evidence deals with being an ‘eye’ witness to an event. Indirect deals with supplying information which supports a ‘routine’ of activities of a particular individual during the course of an investigation (Securing video imagery of a persons actions either publically, or at their place of employment).

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Has your firm ever investigated a UFO sighting? Witnessed an Elvis sighting or any other unexplained event? Does your company do 'Ghost' hunting ?

If the client is willing to spend the money, we are willing to investigate just about anything and as long as it never conflicts with any law(s) or interferes with any on-going investigations of any Law Enforcement agency. Believe it or not, I once heard of a company that was hired to house-sit a women who claimed that her house was haunted. That person spent $7000.00 to find out it was her son attempting to make the mother appear incompetent or crazy so he could have her committed leaving him with the house (She was divorced and he was her only child). It backfired and he no longer lives there.

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Is your company obligated to take on my case ?

Currently there are no laws on the books which state that a Licensed Investigator is obligated to perform services to the public. However, as with many other types of businesses, Agency Investigations unquestionably reserves the right to refuse any case for any reason and without explanation.

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Very Important Note .

A qualified and experienced investigator is going to provide the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, honesty and loyalty to each and every case. This does not however always bring about a positive conclusion. An example of this type of situation would be one where the client ‘interfered’, compromised or caused irreparable damage to the case do to ‘meddling’ (I.E. Client calls the very person who is being investigated and tells that person “You’re going to court because I’ve hired a Private Investigator).  Other forms of contamination would be if a client is has presented 'false' or 'miss-leading' information to the investigator.  On the other hand, if Agency Investigations caused the case to be compromised and force an early termination, you the client would receive any remaining balance up to the point of termination (If such balance existed).   Realistically there are no guarantees nor promises made even by the execution of a contract between Agency Investigations and its client to bear fruit in a case for which there is no tree.   However, at Agency, you will be provided with as much information and evidence gathering information as is possible short of hiring the Federal Bureau of Investigation or an extremely high-priced Lawyer/Investigator.  It is a matter of skill, experience, trust and cooperation that leads an investigation in a positive way.   This we promise to provide each and every client without prejudice and without delay.  

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