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Please ask yourself of couple of simple questions and judge for yourself whether you feel that a computer in your home needs some real-time tracking done to ensure that everything is as it is supposed to be:


Have you ever wanted to know what your child was doing while they are on the computer?


Would you like to know who they are messaging with?  Chatting with?

Would you like to know the websites they are visiting while you are away?


Does your spouse seem to be acting differently lately and spends a great deal of time on the computer when they are home?


Do you wonder if they are cheating on you behind your back?


Agency Investigations can now offer you the peace of mind you have been looking for. We have just extended our capabilities to include a computer monitoring service which is totally undetectable by any spyware program. It Runs in the background in 'STEALTH' mode and leaves absolutely no trace it was ever on your machine. With this capability, we can now offer clients the ability to have their* computer monitored 24/7 as if you were standing over someone's shoulder.


With new technology ever increasing, we are now able to bring this capability to your home or place of business (See Disclaimer Notification) and bring to light any suspicions you may have had about what goes on when you are not around.


The process takes but a few seconds to install leaving no trace, no evidence that anything has happened on your computer and from that point on, this software will track every single key stroke, every website visited, every application opened, every chat session opened.  Simply put, absolutely everything that happens will be recorded and will be reported back to you, the owner, as evidence.


Yes, there are many different programs and software out there on the market that claim to be able to simulate this type of technology, but it would cost you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars to obtain.   But when you hire Agency Investigations to perform these services, you now have the advantage of a 'witness' (Third-party) who will testify in a court of law, if necessary, of the results of the findings.


Q:  Do I have to be the owner of the computer that you will be 'logging' and subsequently be extracting information
A:  Absolutely.  You must read, sign and have notarized, the 'Client Agreement' form which is available
      here before this service can be performed.  This is strictly to protect the legal interests of Agency Investigations,


Q: Can I get in trouble for doing this?

A:  Critical Question - This is perfectly legal as long as you are the owner of the computer for which this software is
      being executed.


Q   How do I know that the information is accurate?
A:   Regardless of the person using your computer, each and every user's activity will be logged. You will be able to
       see every ID and every password entered and will be able to see by timestamp what was happening at any
       given moment.


Q:   Is it right to "SPY" on my children?  My spouse?

A: This is a moral and ethical question. Spying suggests that there may be ulterior motives like revenge, or to bribe
     someone with information. As a parent, you have the right to know ANY and EVERYTHING your child does
     online. As a spouse, if you do suspect that there is something going on that you have the right to know about but

     are afraid to ask or confront them with, then this service will prove once and for all whether your suspicions were

     accurate or not. If they were not accurate, then another day goes by and you can be at peace.  If you DO find

     something and it is deceptive, immoral, illegal, you will have the proof you need to morally, ethically and even

     quite possibly, legally do something about.


Q:   How can I be sure that no one will know there is a program running in the background capturing their every

A:   This software has been thoroughly tested and examined and the technology is advanced to the point that it can 'fool' spyware programs as though it were never there.  This is another reason why it is best to have a Professional Investigation company perform these services because it is then under a 'Controlled' environment (chain of custody) and it is our responsibility to ensure that recovered information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.


Q:   How long does it take to install your software and is it legal?

A:   The software only takes but a few moments to install and once installed, cannot be removed
       by any other means other than by an authorized Agency Investigation agent.  This prevents
       the client (You) from taking any information not known and attempting to use it for illegal
       or criminal intentions.   The State of Michigan requires that for any computer forensic type of activity
       be done on a client's computer, that the company performing this services is authorized or is licensed
       in the State of Michigan to do so.   Under the Professional Investigator Licensing requirements, this is an
       activity which is authorized as long as you are the owner of the computer  and have administrative rights to
       its activity (Please see the "Client Agreement" form which will accompany this request.


Q:    When do I get my results?

A:    The moment you decide that enough time has passed and that you feel you may have some
        evidence. An authorized Agency agent will come to your home or place of business and
        extract the information, uninstall the program and present you with a report within 1-2
        business days.  (Please see the limitations in the "Client Agreement" for more information).

Q:     Does Agency Investigation keep copies of client's activities?
A:     We are required by law to retain records on any matter for which a contractual agreement
         has been placed for services for a period of 10 years.  The information becomes the
         property of Agency Investigations, LLC (Custodian) until such time as this time has passed
         or, in the case of a criminal investigation, court order, or by order of any Law Enforcement
         agency with the authority to present Agency Investigations, LLC with a Subpoena, at
         which time we are obligated to surrender information as long as it pertains to a specific
         matter and for which a Subpoena has specific instructions to obtain specific information.

Q:    If I want to monitor my computer at a later date, do you come and install the software
        for free since I have already paid to have it installed the first time?
A:    NO.  Because this software has the capability of falling into the 'wrong' hands and its
        potential to generate great harm, if you choose to have another 'trace' performed, the fee is
        the same and the procedure is exactly the same.  There are absolutely no exceptions to this
        rule.  Once we have been given authorization by you, the owner, the information is only
        passed back to you once you have signed the agreement and have paid for the services.

Q:    What can I do with the information once I have been given results?

A:     As long as you have signed the "Client Agreement", any legal obligations remain with you.
        You are advised to consult with an Attorney BEFORE disclosing certain information that
        may harm, damage the reputation of, or otherwise bring about circumstances for which
        you may be held legally liable. 


If you would like a copy of the 'Client Agreement' to review prior to utilizing this service,

please click here.


If you have any questions concerning the service in general, please email us with your

contact number and a time you would like to be called.


Remember the old saying:  "Be careful what you wish might just get it".

Finding out the truth is never as easy as TV or any other medium makes it out to be.

Finding out that your special person has lied or cheated on you is one of the most

traumatic emotions you can experience.   On the other hand and in the long run, finding the truth
can be the most liberating and healing experience.


Agency Investigations understands these dynamics and is here to assist you in your quest for truth.


Call or write us today and an agent will contact you discreetly about your particular need.