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NRA Certified Firearms Training 
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Michigan Concealed Carry Classes





We are pleased to offer NRA Certification requirements which meet Michigan's CPL Concealed Carry Law required training

All classroom and range qualifications are performed by Certified NRA Instructors.


Please check out the following topics and Course selections.  If you are new to this, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and descriptions of what exactly is involved.

Accepted Forms Of Payments:

We accept Cash, money orders as well as PayPal as forms for payment (Sorry - No Checks!) for your class.   If you have a checking account or credit card, you can easily sign up by utilizing your PayPal account.   Unfortunately we do not accept personal checks or credit cards. PayPal is safe and secure and only take a few minutes to set up your account. If you have any questions regarding this type of payment, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help you set that up.


Please remember that classes require a security deposit in order for your seat to be reserved.


All balances are due on the day your class commences prior to the start of training.


Thank you for your interest and trust in Agency Investigations as a multi-functional Investigative Company!



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   The following movie can be found on YouTube. It is in no way to incite prejudice towards African Americans nor to encourage
  violence. It's sole purpose is to illustrate why it is necessary to protect our rights as US citizens, to be able to own and carry
  firearms for personal protection. Though it may appear to be more on the lighter side, it is nonetheless a warning that if we
  do not protect our rights under the 2nd amendment, the chances of surviving a life-threatening event greatly diminish since
     law enforcement cannot be everywhere at all times. It's your life, and you have the god-given right to protect you and the ones
    you love. Please take a moment to view this video. It certainly will make you think twice about the notion of NOT being able to
     survive an encounter without the proper advantage. Being able to lawfully carry a concealed weapon is not only a must, it is a
 constitutional right. To ensure that your rights are protected and that you have a voice, please take a moment and Join the
     NRA today. If the government is the only entity allowed to have a firearms, then what are we, law abiding citizens, supposed to
  do when seconds count??


It's your constitutional right
to own and bear arms
Watch this video with William Shatner
This is satirical, real life is not

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