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Infidelity Investigations - Adultery/Cheating



Investigate Infidelity - Cheating Spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend and Adultery


If you are reading this webpage there's a pretty good chance that you are involved in a relationship

which noticeably has raised some RED flags.


This is one of the hardest situations to deal with especially when you are on the receiving end!


At Agency Investigations, we strive to build a relationship of trust with our client's who have called

upon our services to validate and even disprove, notions that their partner, boyfriend, girlfriend are

somehow involved in an affair outside of their relationship.   Our approach to this has remained the same

no matter who we are investigating; "Assure the client that knowing the truth is better than living a lie",

and secondly; "Better that you know now than to continue to pour your heart and soul into someone

who is double-minded".




We have investigated many cases of suspected infidelity and never stop learning how many different ways

the human heart can destroy so many persons lives, and for what?

  • Because you gained weight?
  • Because you're getting older?
  • Because you don't really like hanging out at the bar?
  • Because your interest in sex is 'natural' and you don't always feel like being 'romantic'?
  • Because you think that being with someone else is going to solve issues in your own personality?
  • Because the 'other' person pays more attention to you yet even they will have to realize that if you're such
    a great person, why are you cheating on someone and could that someone eventually be them?

There must be thousands of reasons people feel the need to 'cheat', but the truth be told; there are

NO good reasons.


Hiring Agency Investigations to exploit the truth is a GOOD thing.  You deserve better.


The process:


First, we will sit down with you in a comfortable and discrete environment.


Next we will ask you some basic questions about your relationship and talk about the 'whys' of your

suspicions.  This helps us to gain a better understanding of the person we are investigating, especially

since you know them and we do not!


After discussing as many aspects of your relationship as well as asking the questions:  "Are you

ready for this?".  "Are you ready to find out the worst and will you be able to handle that?".

We liken this to a doctor who has an obligation to be direct and truthful to their patient.  Sometimes the

news is good, but when it's really bad, the patient, like our client, deserves to know the truth so they

can move on with their lives and deal with what they've just learned.


We will attempt to make this process as painless as possible for you.   This may or may

not require your involvement, that depends on your wishes.   We once had a case where the husband

and the 'other' person rented hotel rooms next to each other thinking that if anyone called the hotel,

they wouldn't find our subjects name (We were able to secure that information before we even set up

our cameras - Industry Secret!).   Not only was that a waste of money, but it didn't save them from

the fury that was about to come into their life because like the old saying goes:  "You can run, but you can't

hide".   Neither had any clue that they were being video taped.  In fact, we were only 30-40 feet from the

entrance of their rooms.  This time, the news was bad, yet we had an obligation to inform out client.

They opted to come to that location and face their significant other.   While we never advise a client

to catch their lover with another, we did inform our client that we had called the police to give them a

'heads-up' that a domestic situation was about to become public and cautioned her NOT to interfere

with the officers.  She agreed, against our better judgment and eventually forced that person to face

reality: "They were completely and totally busted".   No more lies.   No more excuses as to where they

had been.  The weeks, months and years of lying had finally come to an end.   The good news?

Our client had 4 children and could now 'move on' and begin her life anew and finally had 'peace'

that they hadn't known in a long time.


If you suspect that someone is 'cheating' on you, by all means call us.  We take each and every case

like the client was 'family' and we investigate these cases with a hint of prejudice, because

it isn't our emotions that determines the outcome, it is the evidence we secure.


You can call us direct or use our online form to contact us.   Sometimes this works out better because there is no trace of a phone number on your line that comes back to the investigating company.

If you need that 'someone' investigated and really want to know the truth, we are always available and at your service.


            (734) 306-5426!