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Welcome to Agency Investigations LLC

Agency Investigations LLC is a full service Licensed Investigative Limited Liability Company providing
professional, competent services with intelligence and purpose.

Our attention to each and every client is personal, friendly and thorough.   Our business principles
and practices are above reproach.   Whether your particular situation is of a Criminal nature or

Civil, we are structured to handle all aspects with the highest regard for confidentiality, honesty,
and trust.


We at Agency Investigations take a great deal of pride in the belief that the truth can never be changed.
It can be hidden, distorted, misguided or embellished, but can never be destroyed.  With these notions, it is

a matter of time with the proper knowledge, skill and attitude before that truth is revealed and exposed.


Our position is not influenced by emotions, prejudice or bias because 'someone' needs to be in control

when things go wrong or events take place which needs 'evidence' such as Surveillance (Video/Visual),

witness statements, background checks, asset investigation.   There is always a certain amount of

'Cloak-and-Dagger' in the investigative process.   This may include the need to 'disguise' one's self

in order to 'get close' to a situation or person.   It may involve requesting the services of a particular

Law Enforcement agency.   In the end, every available resource will have been utilized to bring closure

to your particular need.


Feel free to contact us for a free consultation on your individual situation.   If we are not able to

assist in any way, we will always refer you to a resource that can.





Our Contrived Latin phrase "AUDI ALTERAM PARTEM" used in our Logo:

On its face, "Let the other side be heard" is significant because it establishes the notion that there are "TWO" sides to every story and that when someone is in need of a Private Detective, it usually involves bringing to light some form or fashion of the "TRUTH" and the ability, if need be, to present these truths in a court of law, hence, you the potential victim, have the right "To be heard".  Whether a corporation is being subjected to unlawful activities of its members and/or employees, or an Insurance Company is paying medical benefits on a suspected fraudulent claim, or a domestic situation  where an unfaithful spouse is or has jeopardized their relationship and now involves proving, if need be, in a court of law such action's and therefore can protect the interests of the family, especially if this involves children.  The scenarios are almost endless.


In short, if and or when you decide to utilize our services, you can rest assure that we will provided the highest degree of advocacy and assistance possible to bring resolve to your individual need.


Please visit our Services Page as well as other pages on our site to familiarize yourself with our company and don't forget to check out the "The Rise and Fall of Constitutional Government in America" (download your own PDF version).  This will provide any reader with a greater understanding our Constitutional way of life and how precious our liberties and freedoms are


God bless and may you find peace of mind from our efforts.





Agency Investigations LLC Management