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Fugitive Recovery (Bail Enforcement) and Immigration Bond Enforcement Services



Fugitive Recovery (Bail Enforcement)

and Immigration Bond Enforcement Services

  Bail Enforcement (Fugitive Recovery)

  Agency Investigations is well versed in the art of skip-tracing, pre-texting and all aspects of the arrest

  process as it pertains to persons who have been released on bond for either a Civil or Criminal
  infraction and have "Failed To Appear" or as we refer to it in the business a "FAP".  Highly trained,
  experienced agents conduct all major aspects of this process bringing 'back' to justice those who through
  negligence have failed to appear for a court appointed appearance and have broken the terms of their bond
  release.  We have successfully conducted and executed hundreds of timely and humane arrests not
  only in the  State of Michigan, but many other states where this practice is NOT prohibited by law.


  If your bonding company is in need of highly competent, organized and energetic personnel to effect the
  arrest and retrieval of your 'SKIP', please do not hesitate to contact us for immediate assistance.  We are
  available 24/7 to assist you in the locate and capture of your fugitive avoiding your obligation to the courts.
  Don't wait until your bond runs out; call us today and arrange to have your subject picked up.


 Agency Investigations 'R.A.I.D.' (Recovery and Investigative Division)

  This specialized unit has successfully performed all aspects of Immigration Bond Enforcement. This type

  of service involves obtaining a valid I-340 (Order to Deport) document issued by the United States

  Department of Justice via the associated Immigration Bonding company's Insurance underwriter who

  has received funds (bail) from an individual who has previously been arrested and detained for entering
  the United States illegally.   This first-time encounter is usually performed by an Immigration Customs
  Enforcement Officer
(ICE DRO Officer) who initially has processed this individual and subsequently has

  been identified as one who must follow the guidelines of U.S. immigration laws (make appearances) in a
  Federal Court to respond to the charges filed against them.  If in the interim this individual 'Fails to Appear'

  for their court ordered appearances, the Department of Justice will then have issued an I-340 Order
  demanding that the individual be brought back to an Immigration Detention Center for further action. 

  This usually includes that the individual in then deported out of the United States.   Various countries have
  agreements with INS to fund the return of the alien to their country of origin.   If your Immigration Bonding
  company has need for experienced, tactful and assured agents to locate, apprehend and return your subject
  to an INS Detention Center, please do not hesitate to contact us 24/7 and we will arrange to handle your

  case immediately.