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Agency Investigations' foundational principles and belief's are etched in the time-proven philosophy of our American Constitution and our Bill of Rights. It was by no accident we chose the name "Agency" for this describes what we are in both the Public and Private sectors.


Since 2002 and as a result of the dissolve of one company "Jupiter Investigations" and the eventual melding into our new company "Agency Investigations", we have continuously sought to improve our investigative abilities and practices through education, a continued familiarization and utilization of all resources which are at our disposal (I.E. FBI, US MARSHALS, United States Department of Justice) as well as local and state Governmental agencies.


Agency Investigations is a company known for its integrity, honesty and delivery.

Though we can never guarantee results, we will always guarantee that 100% effort will be given to each and every client and we will never take one dime of a client's money and misuse it.


A client is our most precious commodity and certainly our life-blood when it comes to succeeding in an industry where trust can never be compromised and where time is of the essence.


Our methods are time and field proven, our tactics are above reproach and our results speak for them self.


We are committed to act upon any lawful request and will always advise a client if that request is NOT within the scope of our company's policies and procedures.


Thank you for you interest in Agency Investigations LLC.  We are committed to serve the citizens of the State of Michigan and hope that we never have to meet you.  But if the circumstances dictate otherwise, we are always at your disposal.




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